I’m so glad your here. Just want to share a little bit about myself and why I’m here blogging. I am a wife, a mama of 2 little girls, & I love Jesus (& coffee). My family lives in the Midwest just south of Chicago in Northwest Indiana. I decided to start blogging not because I’m super different or my life is more interesting, but really as a hobby. I literally get ALL of my information in life for life online. Wedding Planning, Home Decor, Infertility, Health Concerns, Baby Prep, Baby Gear, Recipes, DIY Plans, How-to’s for basically everything I’ve ever done (for real), I could go on forever. This is a 100% real life fact, there is someone out there that I literally owe the fact I have children to. After reading her story and using a medicine protocol she used I was able to have a baby after years of trying. That’s how impactful the internet is guys. Same thing with kids products, every time I need something I read experiences, because nothing is more impactful than a true experience. So here I am. I hope you’ll find something helpful, maybe a good idea, or maybe you’ll just laugh at me. Either way, I’m glad your here.

XoXo Niki

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