my “magic” baby formula

Be forewarned there is talk of baby poop in this post😜. The past few weeks we have been transitioning my 5.5 month old to formula. Prior to this I had been breastfeeding, I won’t get into that, the last time I weaned with my first little girl I LITERALLY got the shingles from stress🙋🏼‍♀️. So this time I’m just going with the flow, however if your a breastfeeding mom that feels guilty 1. don’t and 2. message me, let’s chat I’m all about helping anyone who can relate! Anyway so she experienced very green poop since birth on and off, when we transitioned her to formula it became worse and basically constant green diarrhea. Intro the possible dairy intolerance. We had her on Kirkland formula (which I absolutely love, I used it for months with my first daughter, it’s a great product and great price… if you have no problems🤷🏼‍♀️). We tried varieties of Similac, Enfamil, Earths Best, and Baby’s Only Lactorelief. It varied with all of them from worse to slightly better. After some online research I decided to try Kabrita Goats Milk Toddler Formula. She did OK through the transition, but after a complete switch, literally the next day her poop was 100% normal! No diarrhea, and no more varieties of green or mucus. It’s been over a week now of the Kabrita and she has much less gas, she’s calmer, she is sleeping better, and still no sign of green poop. I did learn through this that many babies while they don’t have an intolerance, just have a bad reaction to milk protein in formula that’s often written off as a simple reaction to the iron. If you’ve been dealing with tummy or poop issues, I’d say atleast try Kabrita, it’s not just for dairy issues and you may end up with a much happier baby 👶

I have been able to find Kabrita for purchase on their own site, Whole Foods, Costco, and Amazon. You can request a free sample on their website if you pay shipping. Link Below⬇️


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