Home Refresh Part 1 {kitchen}

Happy Spring everyone! Technically it started a few weeks back, but here in the Midwest we haven’t been able to enjoy much “spring weather” yet. None the less, I am definitely READY for some nice weather after being stuck inside all winter. Since I’m not able to get outside yet, I decided to change up and refresh a few things in my home. I recently started using Young Living essential oils/products and it has been {mic drop} life changing. I’ve used essential oils for years here and there, but after moving in August 2017 I have been more deliberate about making my home more chemical free and safe. Now I’m not saying I’m perfect or by any means don’t have chemicals or less than natural products in my house because I do, BUT I am saying that so far I’m loving every Young Living oil and product I’ve purchased, with the bonus of knowing it’s natural and safe. Again, as always, you should do your own research and make the choices you feel are best for you in your home, these opinions are my own😉. In this series {Kitchen/Bedroom/Bathroom/Playroom} I’ll share how I’ve done some easy updates for Spring Decor and incorporated more natural products in my home.

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The kitchen is my “main hub” of the home. I’d say I’m in there 80% of the day because toddlers are basically snacking 80% of the day. I decluttered the counters and organized some cabinets. I love the woven plastic baskets at Target for organizing. They come in a variety of sizes, even small enough to fit in drawers. I also reorganized part of the pantry and checked expiration dates.

I purchased a new centerpiece and finally ordered new dishes. We have plain white dinnerware that I love because white is so simple and timeless, but with summer coming I finally invested in some melamine plates I’ve been eyeing from Pier 1.

As far as eliminating chemicals-

-started using Thieves Cleaner for my granite countertops.

-switched our hand soap to a blend of Bronner’s and YL Oils. I also run our kitchen diffuser most of the day with my favorite blend of 🍋 & peppermint.

-I have been using Honest Co. Dishwasher tabs a while, and I just found a great tip to use the Thieves Cleaner as Jet Dry so I’m going to give that one a try.

-made a fridge refresher with a mason jar, baking soda, Thieves & Lemon Oils.

Rug- Homegoods

Chalkboard- Hobby Lobby

Counter High Chair Pottery Barn Kids

Hearth & Hand Tea Set Target

Vase Centerpiece Kirkland’s

Basket Organizer Target

Thieves Cleaner|Diffuser|Oils- Young Living

Himalayan Salt Plug-In- Amazon

Children’s Table Set- Target

Kitchen Island Centerpiece- Wood Base- Pottery Barn | Plant Stand- Hearth & Hand Target | Prayer Cards- Magnolia Co.

Dining Chairs- Amazon

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