Teething Baby Favs

Teething is not for the faint at heart. Your sweet little baby that smiles all day long suddenly becomes an inconsolable, unhappy, and covered from head to toe in their own saliva 😝 My second little love has been a wake-up call for me since my first did not experience many side effects of teething. Luckily I’ve found a few must haves that totally have made my life easier.

Wood Teether– we own probably 30 teethers, but there is one that definitely works the best. It’s from a shop called Little Farmhouse Baby, and is coated in a sealer made with a combo of essential oils. Cami seems to prefer the wooden ring on it as opposed to the plastic teethers. Sometimes I even throw it in the fridge to cool down the cloth part which she also seems to enjoy.

Order Camreigh’s Teether here⤵️

Little Farmhouse Baby

Essential Oils– I use a Young Living blend in a rollerball along her jawline, and also apply Copaiba neat.

DM me for more details!

Homeopathy– we love Boiron brand here in my home. I use multiple versions for various things, and we love their Camilia Liquid for teething. I have used it for both girls now.

Camilia Teething

Amber Necklace– I relied heavily on the amber necklace with Stella and now try to keep it on Cami as much as possible. If you use an amber necklace don’t forget to recharge it in the sunlight 😉.

Amber Teething Necklace

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