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I literally feel like I have been searching for the perfect high chair for years. When I registered with Stella I chose the biggest high chair made. The footprint of this thing was like half the size of a kitchen table, and who has room for that? When we moved last year I had set it up and Stella pushed it across the floor (it had wheels) and left a huge scratch. So now she has an Inglesina (counter attached) which I LOVE, but I feel like it’s much more of a toddler chair.

When Cami was ready to start using a high chair a little over a month ago I started looking online for options. I didn’t want something super expensive because we have so much baby stuff and the use is short lived. I ended up finding the Zobo at BRU for $25, I think the normal price was $49. It’s similar to the Ikea high chair, but i think has a slightly smaller footprint. I currently am unable to locate the Zobo, I think they may have d/c it, but i would say if you want to do a custom high chair like this either grab an Ikea one or find a good deal on a used one. I love antiques, this process would look amazing with an old Jenny Lind. Anyway the white had almost a neon sheen to it which is what prompted me to customize it.

I have used so many brands of chalk paint and just wasn’t in the mood for the endless amount of work that painting always is for me. A friend recommended Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray so I went with that. Spray Chalk Paint is AHHH-mazing. Like I legit would paint everything I own with it. If your wanting to do a project go with the spray 100%, it’s so much easier and faster. So I went with Rust-Oleum Chalked Spray in the color Coastal Blue. It dried quickly and minimal to no drip marks at all. They do offer a spray top coat, but I did not use it, I prefer to live on the edge (I actually just hate painting regardless of the fact I’m always doing it).

The last thing I wanted to switch was the pad. The one made for it was super flimsy and Cami still needs some support being only 7 months old. I found this company on Etsy/Instagram Yeah Baby Goods. They make the cutest zip on covers for the IKEA seat pad. They also make silicone placemats that fit on IKEA high chairs which is the best idea ever, but the size won’t work with my Zobo. If you decide to try this definitely go with an IKEA chair so you can grab the whole set. The whole project was just a few days. I sprayed a few coats of paint, let that set, popped the cute cushion and cover on and like magic the cutest little high chair!

High Chair Pad Cover

Ikea High Chair – similar to Zobo

$20 Ikea High Chair

Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint

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  1. Anna P Avatar
    Anna P

    Adorable!! Would you actually spray the IKEA one too?? The whole thing?

    1. niki Avatar

      The one that is more expensive yes, everything but the tray. The $20 one I would most likely just do the legs, and thank you!!! Yeah Baby Goods actually has a super cute one on their Instagram page, the cheap $20 one that’s sprayed gold.

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