When this beauty arrived at our doorstep, let me tell you, Best. Day. Ever. The DockATot co-sleeper is the product I’ve been missing.  Despite the fact I’ve known about the DockATot since my first little girl was born, we have just started using it for the first time. Honestly my 2 year old Stella was a great sleeper since birth so we never put much thought in to her sleep habits.  Camreigh, my littlest love, is 8 months old and her sleep patterns are a totally different story. She has been a very restless sleeper since birth waking 2-7 times per night. Enter the DockATot

The DockATot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper, and playtime lounger.  Handmade in Europe, but available in the US at It’s OEKO-TEX certified and has been tested for breathability (this is SO important to me). The DockATot is available in two sizes Deluxe- designed for babies 0-8 months and the Grand- for babies and children 8-36 months. It’s composed of Natural 100% Cotton and comes in either a neutral white or a variety of patterned covers. You do have the option to purchase additional covers to swap out for style or while one is in the wash. There is also a super cute toy arch that can transform the DockATot into a Playtime Lounger. The DockATot also has a bag that can be purchased to use for traveling. A friend recently took her Deluxe as a carry-on item for her 7 month old on a trip to Mexico. She had no problem traveling with it, and it made for an easy transition for sleep on vacation. Totally wish I would have had this with Stella, we took a vacation when she was very young, and sleep was a nightmare for her away from home.

We have been using the DockATot Grand for co-sleeping, naps, lounging and I’m totally amazed. Camreigh has not woken up more than once per night since we transitioned her into it (this is a huge improvement for us). It’s also super light and has a carry handle so I can bring it downstairs for lounging, play, and napping during the day. If I could go back I would have 100% gotten the Deluxe version for use with Camreigh as a newborn, however better late than never and I’m so happy to have this now. Looking toward the future, we will use the DockATot Grand to transition her in to her toddler bed sometime next year. Stella, my 2 year old is also totally loving it. I find her lounging during the day with her snack to relax and watch her tablet. If she could she would snag it for her bed at night, and I’ve actually considered replacing her bed rails with a DockATot Grand.

If your a mom-to-be, new mom, mom of an older baby or even a toddler that is struggling with sleep, I would highly recommend giving the DockATot try. Learn from my mistake and go with one from the start. Mom’s have so much on their plate, when night time or nap time comes they need their rest just as much as the baby. Make sure you add the Deluxe, Extra Cover, Travel Bag & Toy Bar to your registry!

Three BIG Reasons I LOVE my DockATot Grand

  1. Breathability- this is huge to me for sleep safety
  2. Portability- lightweight, I take it up and down stairs daily. Plus its great for travel.
  3. Washable Cover- the cover is super easy to wash

Use this link for $10 off the DockATot of your choice- DockATot $10 off

You can also shop the DockATot and accesories at

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I received the DockATot in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

XoXo Niki

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  1. Great information on this! I am going to look into this as a gift for a few of my friends that are expecting!

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