Sugar Smart Box

Sugar Smart Box is a monthly subscription box that sends you a variety of very low sugar snacks. I have been eating a lower sugar diet for almost 6 years now. In 2012 I was diagnosed with PCOS and Insulin Resistance. This along with the fact that my Dad now has Type 2 diabetes after being pretty healthy and working out his whole life prompted me to cut out as much sugar and excess carbs as possible.

When your avoiding sugar and carbs, snacks are so hard to find. My go to was always fruit, or granola. Even though these are usually considered healthy, they definitely aren’t on the low sugar list even if it is natural sugar. Sugar Smart Box pretty much does the research for you. Each month your box comes packed with a variety of snacks to try with all under 5mg of sugar. As an added bonus they are also mostly organic and gluten-free. You also get a card with coupon codes to purchase the snacks that you loved!

I can honestly say everything in my Box was pretty tasty. It’s also really fun to be introduced to new brands that I may not have tried before, which was the case in this months box. My top 3 picks from Sugar Smart Box would be:

1. Atlas Bar

2. Crazy Go Nuts Walnuts

3. EatMeGuiltFree Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Whether your needing to cut out sugar for a health condition like diabetes or insulin resistance, or your just trying to lose weight, Sugar Smart Box takes the guess work out of snacking.

Check out their website and order your box with the link below!

Sugar Smart Box

Niki XoXo

I was sent the Sugar Smart Box in exchange for my honest opinion. Happy Snacking!💕

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