Time for housework has been getting harder to find lately. With 2 small kids, a toddler and a baby that’s now crawling, I’m going nonstop unless the baby is napping. When the baby is FINALLY napping is not the time I’m going to choose to vacuum.

Enter our new favorite family member Bob… bObsweep. We’ve had him almost a month now and we are blown away. My husband especially has always been very skeptical of robot vacuums. He thought they wouldn’t pick things up or that maybe the trash bin would be too small. Neither is true. Bob has a huge trash compartment and he gets every last crumb in our kitchen.

We chose the bObsweep Pet Hair Plus. We do have a large Bullmastiff that sheds ALOT so this was our initial concern. The bObsweep comes with the vacuum unit, charger, mop feature, remote, and some extra brushes. We use it daily on the main floor of our home which is all hard wood through the entry, living room, and kitchen. It’s so awesome to just turn him on and let him do the work and also to always have clean floors which I’m loving. We do have a few higher rugs he doesn’t do, but that was completely expected. We have also used him upstairs on our carpets and he is equally amazing on carpets as he is on the hard wood. I also find that the brushes are gentle so I don’t worry about getting scratches on the floors.

Overall I would highly recommend the bObsweep. It definitely helps me save a ton of time and I now have consistently clean floors, even with a toddler, baby, and giant shedding dog!

bObsweep⬅️ check out their models and order here.

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