Bedding Makeover with {Beddy’s}

We moved in to our house almost a year ago. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. This is our 3rd home together in the almost six years we’ve been married. Every time we move I always buy new bedding, just because. This last move came right before the birth of my youngest baby girl and with all the prep and anticipation for her, I never did change our bedding. I actually never did anything with our room at all.

I would say I’m semi-obsessed with bedding so I’ve know about Beddy’s for a while. I was super excited to incorporate this bedding in to our master bedroom because 1. it’s gorgeous 2. the fabric is amazing 3. my husband may finally make the bed.

Beddy’s is super soft bedding that fits over the mattress and zips up on each side for a quick, neat, well put together bed! We decided on the King Shibori which comes with the king size Beddy’s Bedding + 2 King Pillowcases + 2 King Shams. It literally allows you to make the bed in seconds which is amazing for me as a mom (anything that saves time is a win in my book). My hubby is even willing to make the bed these days. The entire set is machine washable, the top will even zip entirely off so if you have a smaller machine you can separate.

Beddy’s has a variety of styles, sizes, and prints to choose from so everyone can find something for their style. I’m ready to swap out all my bedding because it’s just that much easier (your done in a zip!)

Shibori for Adults ⬅️ our bedding

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