Playroom Update with Lorena Canals

Just like the rest of our home the Playroom is in the process of being decorated and finished. I’ve been super careful as I go through each room to be intentional about the choices I make. I recently received the Bereber Beige Rug by Lorena Canals.

{cam hanging out in the playroom}

Lorena Canals Rugs are handmade in India. I love that it’s handmade because it makes this rug unique to us. It’s also Eco-Friendly , made of 100% cotton, and natural dies are used. The rug itself is super soft and the girls love to lay on it to play and read. The best part about the Lorena Canals Rugs is that they are {Machine Washable}! This makes it absolutely perfect for our playroom. Now when the girls spill something we can just toss it in and it comes back out like new. After having this rug I feel like with kids a washable rug is a must have. The rug we have in our playroom comes in 2 sizes and multiple colors. However, Lorena Canals has a huge variety to choose from and I feel like they can meet the style of any home.

Use the link below to shop our playroom rug!

Bereber Beige Washable Rug

I received the Bereber Washable Rug compliments of Lorena Canals. Opinions and experiences are my own.

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