SwimZip Surf Suit

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! You’ve probably noticed in most photos of my daughters swimming they have on a long sleeve swimsuit. That suit your seeing is my *absolute* favorite, the SwimZip surf suit.

Growing up we knew to wear sunscreen, but I can remember more often than I should, having a sunburn. As a teen I worked at our local water park and I know that on more than one occasion I even had Sun Poisoning. My mom would say repeatedly “put on your sunscreen, you’ll thank me when your older”. Here I am older and wishing I had listened. It’s terrifying to think every year in the US more cases of Skin Cancer are diagnosed than any other type, and that 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed by the age of 70. I used to visit the Dermatologist to treat acne, now I go over every spot I have to double check because guys, it’s terrifying. A high school friends older brother lost his life to Melanoma in his 30’s, so I can see the pain that can come from it.

So here I am telling my girls EVERY time we step in the sun to put on their sunscreen. I also have a little one with extra sensitive skin that can only handle some brands and little sun. So for me the SwimZip suits are a no brainer. They offer UPF 50+ protection ALL DAY! This blocks over 98% of the suns harmful rays UVA + UVB, and also doesn’t have to be reapplied every 15 minutes (yes you’ll still have to cover the other areas, but moms I’m sure you’ll hear me on this one). It’s amazing to have that on top of sunscreen. They come in a variety of sizes, even women’s. The fabric is amazing and my kids are super comfortable in them. Camreigh is currently wearing the 6-12 month and it has snaps on the bottom to make diaper changes easy.

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Experiences are my own. All statistics are from www.skincancer.org

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