Unique Gifts Age 2-4

Stella’s Birthday was a little over a month ago. With several of her friends birthdays coming up I’ve really been thinking about what the perfect gift for 2-4 year olds would be. Chances are most kids have an over abundance of toys and games, so it’s always fun to think outside the box and find more unique or something extra special that won’t break the bank. Here are a few easily accessible ideas (think Amazon + online ordering, and of course Target). Links to shop are highlighted!

1. TrioKid Stroller or Wagon. You’ve probably seen play strollers or toddler wagons but I promise you that none of them compare to TrioKid! They have the hippest colors and super stylish modern twists on play strollers and wagons. Plus their price point is great and they can be ordered on Amazon!

TRIOKID Deluxe Pram

TRIOKID Mini Stroller


2. Bookroo. You can go back and read my in-depth review on the blog, but I’m in love with Bookroo. It’s a delivery of books that are age appropriate, and super unique. They come gift wrapped and addressed to the child in the cutest little box.


3. Princess Dress-Up. One of Stella’s favorite things are her princess dresses from Amazon. They are so cute without a ton of glitter 😉, and best of all around $15.

Princess Dress

4. Target Learning. A super cute idea for this age group would be a gift basket from the Target Dollar Spot. They always have a TON of cute kids stuff and often (especially in the fall) learning games and activities.

5. Moonlite World Storybook Projector. This is the coolest little gadget. It clips on to your phone and uses the flashlight to project stories on to the wall. It has become a super fun bedtime routine here with the kids. They love to hear the story and watch the photos up on the ceiling from bed. Definitely a fun twist on bedtime stories.

Moonlite World Storybook Projector

6. Personalized Chair. If your looking to spend a little more, one of our most used items for a few years now is our Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair. It washes great and both girls use them daily.

PB Kids Anywhere Chair

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