CamHome WiFi Security

Recently some homes near where I live were burglarized. One in particular had a security camera in their garage that caught some good photos of the intruder. After reading in the local paper about this it got me thinking about the security of our home. We live in what’s considered a safe community and have close neighbors, but still the risk is there.

When I had the opportunity to install the CamHome WiFi Camera in our home I didn’t hesitate. My camera is the CamHome Blackbox S. It’s 1080p, it rotates 355° horizontally and 150° vertically, has night vision and non-stop recording + live alerts. The camera itself has a hard polymer shell and is 2.5 inches tall so it’s so easy to fit in to your home.

The camera is super easy to set up. I downloaded the APP on my iPhone for CamHome, plugged in the camera, connected to WiFi and done! I have it set up in our kitchen currently. It has a motion sensor so if anyone should come in through our garage or back door, my phone receives an alert. I can also go on to the APP and playback that recording. Overall I feel much safer knowing that I can monitor what is going on in my home.

Order yours with the link below. Use the code CAM20 for 20% off!

CamHome Blackbox S

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