Fiona Diamonds Stud Earrings

I was recently introduced to Fiona Diamonds which are lab grown Moissanites. Moissanites are a category of gemstone with more brilliance and luster than any other in the world. They have a similar composition to diamonds and are grown in a lab setting. They are guaranteed to never scratch or dull over time which I think is amazing! Plus they cost about 1/10th of what a diamond would cost (#momwin here, or I should say just #win for anyone!).

How are they made?! Fiona Moissanites are grown in a tube from a tiny spec of diamond. They are grown under the same conditions that diamonds are and Gem Labs actually certify them as diamonds. In facts only a certified specialist can tell the difference between a real diamond and Moissanite. The main difference is that diamonds are mined from the earth and Moissanites are grown under the same conditions in the lab.

So do I love them?! YES! They are one of my favorite timeless accessories that I can wear with my leggings and sweatshirt to take Stella to Preschool or dressed up for date night. It’s the perfect accessory to help me always feel put together. This is the PERFECT gift for the holidays, I personally don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love these. Fionahas an awesome selection on their website and amazing customer service! For a double win they also donate 5% of profit to charities to help rescue children from mining and environmental causes.

Order yours with this link⤵️

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Fiona Diamonds

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