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After having my second little girl last fall my skin was a mess. I always had super oily skin and suddenly it was extremely dry. I had red spots, dry spots, patches, and peeling. I sought the help of a dermatologist which to my surprise was quick to refer me to a drugstore product and dismiss my concerns. I started using this product and my skin started to get worse. After a few months I was so distraught and tired of feeling so bad about my skin and the disappointment of the products I was using I sought help from a licensed esthetician.

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I went in for a skin analysis and hydration facial thinking maybe this would help. I found out that in fact the product the dermatologist had recommended did make my skin worse. The esthetician also highly recommended I start using the product line ONLY YOURx.

ONLY YOURx products balance, heal, treat and restore your skin (which is what I desperately needed) and allows it to return to its natural state. They are Pharmaceutical Grade products, non-comedogenic, and paraben free.

I would say I could already see a difference after only a few uses of ONLY YOURx, and within a few weeks I knew I had found the most amazing product line. I would honestly say my skin today is better than it’s been since High School (17 years ago).

ONLY YOURx will be a series on my Blog where I will spotlight products that I’m using. The amazing thing about ONLY YOURx is that you can only obtain them through a licensed esthetician. This ensures that you are using exactly what is right for your skin!

The link to their site, and Esthetician Locator are below. Please feel free to direct any questions about my personal experience my way.

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