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Back on track with Live + ON-Demand Classes from @fitonapp

I’ve been open about my struggle with being fit. I used to stay on track, make sure I had time for the gym and prep my food weekly. Now with two kids, one in school, and a growing business I have little to no time to get to the gym. My degree is in Health & Nutrition so I know how important it is to stay active especially as I go in to 2019 with my 35th Birthday in sight. Not only do I want to stay in shape to feel good about myself, but I want to be healthy and active to keep up with my kiddos. I’m not a huge New Years person so my time is now, and now is with FitOn. Literally you can do a workout right NOW.

I’ve been using FitOn for a week and finding that I can get a quick workout in right when I wake up or during nap time. FitOn has workouts available on Demand or you can jump in on a live scheduled class with a trainer (how cool is that?!). There is a huge variety of classes to choose from. I have been mixing it up by alternating cardio workouts and strength. For strength I’ve been choosing body weight workouts that require no equipment at all. It’s convenient and available right from my phone. I get to decide the type and length of workout I’m looking to do. It’s also fun to invite your friends to do the same classes that you are choosing. Most workouts require little to no equipment, some of them do ask to have a mat or dumbbells.

Life with kids has been so much busier than I could have imagined. I’m so glad I can have access to something like FitOn that I can do when its convenient for me with no commute, setup, or expensive membership.You can download FitOn APP the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and test it out with a FREE 7 Day Trial!

Download the FitOn APP by clicking here!

This Blog is in partnership with FitOn. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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