Stella’s Room Redo { Beddy’s Beds }

When we decided to put a Bunk Bed in Stellas room Beddy’s Bedding was a no brainer. Stella hasn’t ever been great at making her bed, but she does love to zip her pjs up, zip everything up! Bedding she can zip genius! Plus we’ve actually had Beddy’s bedding in our master bedroom for quite some time and she loves to help me make my bed. We chose the Love at First White with Minky for both the top and bottom. The fabric actually has a bit of texture to it and is SO pretty. I am a huge fan of white for a few reasons- it’s easy to clean and it goes with EVERYTHING. I tend to switch decor quite often and white makes it easy to keep the staple bedding yet change decor. My absolute favorite part of Beddy’s is the fact that it always looks SO nice! Especially for a kids room and more so with a bunk, it always looks neat and kept. Finally the BIG question everyone has- how does it wash?! It washes seriously amazing! I can actually fit Stella’s entire set in the washer, with my king size I split it. Neither set has stained and I’ve washed mine completely covered in dirty dog prints to look brand new again.

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