When you become a mom so much changes. Your home, your relationships, sometimes your style, and most certainly your bag. Heading in to my diaper bag years I was hesitant. My first diaper bag was way too small and super awkward. A couple weeks in to being a mom and making my way back out of the house I realized just how much you need with you at all times. Now being a mom of two young girls I need SO much more. The other problem I had was the awkwardness of some bags. I wanted to be stylish { number one priority } and carry #allthethings. My aha moment came with Lily Jade.

Lily Jade doesn’t look like a diaper bag to me, but oh is it ever. It has so many perfectly placed pockets PLUS the organizer to end all organizers that you can grab, take out, and put in any bag for quick transfer { gone are the days of sorting for 20 minutes to switch bags }. The construction is the softest genuine leather, and let’s talk about the colors 😍. The bags come is the richest colors { black, brown, pink, pewter }. My FAVORITE part of the bags overall is that they can go from a tote to a shoulder bag to a crossbody to a BACKPACK. The ultimate way to wear a diaper bag when you are carrying two kiddos.

New moms, old moms, someday moms this is the bag you need. You’ll use it well past your diaper bag years. My advice: treat yo self girl! Shop my Lily Jade bag here!

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