Smilelove #cheerstoconfidence

Has the thought of straighter teeth crossed your mind?! Chances are that was a big YES. As a mom of two the simple fact is I’m busy and so many things get pushed to the side. Straightening my teeth is something I’ve thought about, but haven’t gotten around to. My hubby on the other hand did have braces at 14 for a year, but didn’t follow through with wearing his retainer. When the opportunity came to partner with Smilelove it was another big YES from both of us.

Our kits just arrived and I’m excited to share our journey with you! Smilelove is amazing for a few reasons ( 1 ) Smilelove costs 75% less than similar treatments ( 2 ) the treatment is FDA approved ( 3 ) its all done from home, which means NO waiting, NO appointments! Stay tuned for our next update and follow my journey on Instagram @nikispender.

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This blog is in partnership with Smilelove. All opinions and experiences are my own.

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