Serving Smiles with Sargento® Cheese

There is one question my family asks me every single day: “What are you making for dinner”. I try my best to keep it interesting and fresh is best in our home. In partnership with Sargento I’ve come up with a fun spin on meatloaf.


Why Sargento?! Sargento Foods is family run business out of Wisconsin and was founded in 1953. Sargento® slices are 100% real, natural cheese (not process cheese). You’d be surprised to know most American Singles (Pasteurized Process Cheese Food) are only required to have 51% real cheese, while Sargento® slices are 100% real, natural cheese. Plus the kids absolutely LOVE it!

We love cheese on our sandwiches in the Spender Home. One of my go-to’s is a { Grilled Cheese + Meatloaf Sandwich }. I usually prepare my homemade meatloaf earlier in the day and let it cool so it can be sliced thin.

Our sandwiches are simple:

Whole Grain Bread

Meatloaf Slices

Sargento® Colby-Jack Cheese

 It’s as easy as buttering the bread, adding the Meatloaf + Sargento® Colby-Jack, and toasting! You can add toppings, sauces + dips the possibilities are endless.

Serve + Enjoy! Smiles all around.

This blog is in partnership with Sargento Foods. All experiences and opinions are my own.

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