Creating a cozy space with Unique Loom

This blog post is in partnership with Unique Loom, all experiences + opinions are my own.

The family room is the heart of our home. We spend endless hours together watching movies, playing games, gathering with family, opening birthday gifts and enjoying holiday, SO many memories. With two little girls + two cats I want to make sure the space not only looks amazing, but is comfortable and inviting for little feet.

Unique Loom has a huge variety of styles and sizes. Literally something for everyone. I chose the Trellis Shag Rug in Ivory. With a variety of sizes I went with the 9×12 so it could fit just under the couch. The most asked questions I get are- is it easy to vacuum, and how do you keep your light rugs clean?! This rug is super easy to vacuum, the shag pile is the perfect height, it’s not too much. As far as keeping it clean, I vacuum and have a spot cleaner for accidents, and I’ve never had a problem! Area rugs are such an amazing way to transform a space! What space in your home could you transform?!

Visit @unique.loom on IG!

Shop the Trellis Shag Rug in Ivory

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