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[#PackedWeekend] The Pack prime film is coming to Amazon Prime Video! The kickoff to the premiere on Friday November 20th in more than 240 countries + territories includes a 3 day weekend event featuring deals and experiences for you and your pup!

You know the saying “life is better with a dog”?! I think it’s 100% spot on and I know that so many are with me! After we lost our sweet bullmastiff Sam at the beginning of this year we were unsure we’d have another pup. She was our best buddy and we were absolutely broken when we lost her. After months of thinking it through we knew we absolutely 110% wanted a dog in our home. The unconditional love they give is worth all the heartache to us. The bond we have between us and our dogs is such an amazing thing.

Cooper is glued to our side, we start and end the day together. We couldn’t imagine our home without him and that bond between human and animals is a huge part of the NEW Amazon Prime Video The Pack! The Pack prime film is a new global unscripted series that celebrates the bond between dogs and their human companions. The Pack prime film premieres November 20th on Amazon Prime Video, and is hosted by Lindsey Vonn and her canine co-host Lucy. The series features 12 teams of dogs and their humans on an adventure across multiple continents. At stake for the winner is $750,000 [$500,000 for them + $250,000 to the charity of their choice]! We can’t wait to tune in and watch the human and dog dips face fun challenges, and learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses. In order to win they will have to depend on one another and prove they have the strongest bond in the pack. Along on their journey are dog experts and veterinarians making sure it’s a positive experience for all.

Make sure to grab your best canine companion and tune in to The Pack amazon prime video on Friday November 20 and check out all the fun during the 3 day premiere event!

Watch The Pack Prime Movie on Amazon Prime Video!

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