Jingle Paws- Stocking Stuffers for your four-legged bestie!

The holidays are the perfect time to make loved ones feel special. Our pets are no different! I’ve put together a great list of must haves for your fur baby or anyone with a new pup at home!

Silver Honey

Silver Honey is a must for any home with a pup and is a great addition to the first aid kit. Using mother nature’s strongest antimicrobial [honey] to soothe, protect and heal. Silver Honey can be used on dry itchy skin, nicks, cuts, burns, etc. Silver Honey comes in an easy to apply spray bottle or tube for no mess application. Plus it has a bittering agent in it to detour your pet from licking. We’ve dealt with hot spots at home and the best treatment is quick treatment. Having on hand what you need right away makes it easier on everyone!

Halo Collar

Halo Collar is the only smart collar with intuitive training, GPS location, and smart fences in one, designed with Cesar Millan’s world-renowned dog psychology [halocollar.com]. We’ve been using it at home for close to a month and love it. The step by step training ensures a positive experience for you and your dog. You can use it at home or a different location by adding the fence through the app!

Remifa Dog Bandana

Bandanas are an easy way to style your pet. I love these not only because they are a great value but they are reversible! Plus they are easy to wash and can fit all size pups.

Bark Box

Bark Box is a staple in our house! Not only does Cooper love it, but the kiddos love to open and surprise him every month. Bark Box is a fun subscription box of goodies for your dog that comes once a month. They have a few levels of customization.

PetMD Ear Wipes

Ear wipes are another must to have on hand at home. The PetMD wipes have Aloe + Eucalyptus. It makes it much quicker and easier than a standard ear cleaner. Also perfect for on the go.

West & Willow Portrait

The West & Willow portrait is great for any and all let parents. It’s easy to upload the photo of 1-3 pets and have it turned in to a gorgeous piece of art to display!

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