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I’m always looking for creative ways to switch up our weekly meal plan at home. I make a lot of the same meals for my family, but I do try to incorporate better options when I can. Did you know that the average American only eats about half the recommended amount of seafood? The USDA recommends that we have two servings of seafood per week. While we do incorporate seafood in to our diet at home, we were definitely not meeting the recommended servings. With the help of Gorton’s it’s Seafood time in the Spender Home! You can locate Gorton’s at a Kroger near you and join me!

It’s easy to get your two seafood meals in by stocking Gorton’s products from Kroger in your freezer. I think it’s a great meal that can be made quick and easily. Plus it’s something that ever age will enjoy! Many nights we get home from school or activities and I’m short on time for dinner prep. Gorton’s makes those nights easier since I can stock the seafood from Kroger in my freezer, pop it in the oven when we get home, and within a half hour have dinner on the table! Gorton’s has a variety of products such as Premium Cod Fillet, Premium Cod Stick, Crunchy Breaded Fish Sticks, Parmesan Crusted Fillets, and Beer Battered Fillets [one of our favs]! Gorton’s Seafood is also a great value! For a family that’s looking to get their recommended seafood meals in, purchasing Gorton’s is also an amazing value! With Gorton’s you can eat healthy, get your recommended seafood servings in, all at a great value!

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I’m sharing my favorite go-to recipe using the Gorton’s Seafood Beer Battered Fillets, but some night I’ll make those, plus add some Breaded Fish Sticks on the pan if the kiddos want something different. It’s easy to stock a variety of Gorton’s Seafood items to fit your family’s taste, yet bake them together! I love this recipe because there are so many different ways you could top the tacos, it’s sure to be a meal everyone will love!

Gorton’s Seafood Beer Battered Fillet Tacos

This is one of my go-to recipes that we all love! I’ll share what I used to make our tacos, but there are so many ways you can put your own twist on it!

What I used-

    Corn Taco Shells
    Rice with Seasoning
    Optional toppings- Salsa, Cheese, Hot Sauce, Corn, Sour Cream

To make the tacos

    Follow the directions for baking on the bag of Gorton’s Seafood Beer Battered Fillets
    Place a Beer Battered Fillet in each taco shell
    Add your choice of toppings!

If you are looking to eat healthy, save money, and get your two recommended servings of seafood in per week, consider doing it with Gorton’s Seafood! Use the store locater here to find a local retailer!

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