The Grass is Green with Pennington Lawn Booster

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After a long Midwest winter our lawn is left looking less than impressive. I know so many of you can understand this! Once the snow melts we’re ready to get back to being outside and spending time outdoors as a family. With two little girls and a playful pup it’s important to have a great yard to play in.

There is nothing my husband loves more than to spend time outside working on the lawn and plants. Pennington is a trusted name since 1945. Starting as a seed company, they now manufacture grass seed, fertilizer, soil amender, and wild bird seed! We took the opportunity to use the Pennington Lawn Booster on our yard! This is a 3-in-1 lawn solution that’s made up of grass seed, fertilizer, and lawn enhancers. You’ll have thicker, greener grass in less time with Lawn Booster, plus it’s guaranteed to grown in the sun, shade, or drought! The Pennington Lawn Booster is also heat and disease resistant 🙌.

My husband used a spreader to put down the Lawn Booster in various areas throughout our front and back yard. In the far back portion of our yard we had lost almost all the grass due to flooding last Summer. What was left was very patchy areas that weren’t growing well. I’ve added a photo of the area where the Pennington Lawn Booster was added and it’s made a huge difference!

This area in the back of our yard had been flooded last year and due to this we had very patchy grass that wasn’t growing too well.

A few weeks after adding Pennington Lawn Booster 3-in-1 it’s less patchy, growing, and much greener.

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