Essential Oils

Hey friends! I have been using Essential Oils for years. I am representative for Young Living which means I can help you get started on integrating natural products and using Essential Oils at home with your family. I use and love YL oils, home, cleaning, kids and makeup products. Please feel free to email me at or DM on Instagram @spenderco_oils

Real Story here –> I used EO’s for a few years at home. I diffused them and used rollers for myself and kids. I purchased them individually, and honestly spent close to tripe the price of the starter kit for the small collection I had. I also never had what I needed which was super annoying. I promise once you get this home you will never look back. The purchase for me has been a waterfall effect, I started with oils, moved on to switching out cleaning products, then my kids products (think body wash, shampoo, diaper cream, etc.), and more recently to using the Savvy Minerals Makeup. These graphics are my favorite, they really show the what an awesome amount of products you get for the initial investment. Plus you never have to sell products if you don’t want to AND you can literally replace almost all of the products you might use that are filled with harmful chemicals, with their plant based alternatives!

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