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Lollipop Baby Cam

Camreigh is almost seven months old and will be transitioning her in to her room soon. This change is pretty stressful for me since I’m that mom that wakes up in the night just to check the baby, even when the baby doesn’t wake up😂. I even moved her crib in to our room when she outgrew her bassinet just to keep her close a little longer. Anyway we have been through 2 monitors with Stella and they aren’t horrible, but they aren’t that great either. It just never seemed to be the right combination. I need a monitor with 1. Good sound 2. Clear picture 3. Even clearer night vision 4. WiFi for the off chance I’m out so I can check in ;).

So far this darling little monitor called the Lollipop Baby Cam is checking all those boxes! Camreigh is still in my room so we haven’t used it at night, but we have used it for naps. The technology is awesome, it has noise detection so it keeps track of when she whines or cries, so even if she wasn’t fully awake or crying, you can still look back and see the patterns. The picture is crazy clear during the day and night which is awesome. It has the capability of being attached close to the crib and it is on WiFi so you can view it at anytime!

I’m Loving this camera so far and highly suggest if your looking at baby monitors to check this one out. I have been through several and so far this one is the winner🙌🏻

Use the link below and pick your favorite color! I love to share my experiences. If you have more specific questions please DM on Instagram @nikispender

Lollipop Baby Cam

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