The perfect {mom}accessory {JORD Watch}

As a mama and lover of minimalist fashion, it’s so hard to find the perfect accessory. I’m not big on jewelry, and I’m also limited with two little ones that like to tear off any kind of jewelry that I do try to wear. On top of this I’m not a huge glitz and glamour girl, I like to stick to toned down, neutral colors.

When I found JORD watches I was in love! The watch is SO unique and a super sleek, simplistic style. JORD watches are crafted from wood and they offer the neutral, simplistic look that I love. It’s the perfect accessory as a mom because I am always wondering what time it is and if we’re on schedule. It’s also not bling and will go with my leggings “momiform”.

My watch is the Cassia Series in Ebony & Sable. The natural ebony is hand finished and pretreated with tung oils. It has a simple Roman Numeral Dial and Crystal Face. The dark wood tone and gold accents compliment each other perfectly without looking over the top. I feel like the gold accent gives it just enough shine to really make this watch a unique statement piece. It even gives it a dressed up look for going out.

I wear my JORD daily and I feel like it’s so versatile that I can. It looks perfect whether I just throw on leggings and a tank for a play date or dress up for date night. There are no rough edges so it can’t scratch the baby, and it’s sturdy enough to withstand her fiddling with it.

Overall this is the best accessory I have. It’s functional with timeless beauty.

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Shop the Cassia Series here.

Wooden Wrist Watch

Wooden Wrist Watch

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