Stella’s Room Redo { Rocky Mountain Decals }

At the beginning of the year we decided to update Stella’s room and let her help pick out what she’d have. I’m a HUGE wallpaper fan. I think it’s an easy way to really personalize and make a room special. I was super excited to find Rocky Mountain Decals and their Removable Wallpaper. This makes it easy to change the look with out damaging the wall. This is the perfect option for really any room of your home and if you rent you can totally remove it!

Stella picked the floral print of purples and pinks called Folklaw. To start the process you measure the width and height of the room. The wallpaper is made to the measurements and shipped directly to you. To install I used

1. Razor Cutter

2. Scraper

3. Soft Wallpaper Smoother ( I had this so I used it but you don’t need it )

4. Step Stool

They do recommend two people to hang the wallpaper, but I like to get crazy so I did it alone during Cami’s naptime while Stella played. It took me about an hour and a half total. Rocky Mountain Decals makes it super easy by sending you each panel numbered so you know exactly the order🙌🏻. Basically you peel the backing down level it at the top and smooth on down as you peel. ( I do make it sound easy, and it is, but also I just love wallpaper 😍 so I’d happily take the challenge ) There is no chemical smell or residue so it’s perfect for nurseries and kids rooms!

Head to Rocky Mountain Decals to get inspired on how you could make the perfect update in your home!

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